The 27 Most Cromulent Things That Have Ever Happened

And I think to myself, what a cromulent world.

1. This theory on breast enlargement is cromulent.

2. This phone call? Seems totally cromulent.

3. Nothing to see here, other than a perfectly cromulent staircase.

4. This guy is just conducting business in a cromulent manner.

5. This car? You guessed it — as cromulent as they come.

6. And the judge should let this guy off for having a completely cromulent excuse.

7. Michaelsoft Binbows is cromulent.

8. No signature required? Wow much cromulence.

9. This signed bible was the most cromulent thing we’d ever seen.

10. Until we found this cromulent quote.

11. This note was so cromulent it embiggened our soul.



14. All aboard the Cromulent Express!

15. Unprecedented levels of cromulocity going on right here.

16. There’s the right way, the wrong way, and the cromulent way!

“Isn’t that just the wrong way?”

“Yes, but faster!”

17. You’d better stay away from this utterly cromulent fence.

18. There’s so much cromulence going on here that we might need a lie down.

19. With a cromulent story like that how could anyone doubt this girl?

20. And if you don’t believe her, Thomas the Cromulent Tank Engine will set you straight.

21. TESOS is actually Esperanto for “really fucking cromulent”.

22. This status was written by Oliver Cromulent.

23. This cromulent Steve Jobs can make his Action Pad fly using nothing but his cromulence.

24. All we see here is a perfectly cromulent business.

25. This guy left gave the takeaway the most cromulent of instructions.

26. If anything, this man’s job title is almost TOO cromulent.

27. We can’t take this anymore. We’re going to the pub to get absolutely fucking cromulented!

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Robin Edds is editor-at-large at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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