21 Sad Etsy Boyfriends Who Need Our Help

    Are you a sad Etsy boyfriend or do you know someone who is? Call our helpline.

    1. What's a sad Etsy boyfriend? This. This is a sad Etsy boyfriend.

    2. A man who will apparently do anything for the person he loves.

    3. Literally anything.

    4. He values the happiness of those around him above his own.

    5. He'll pose.

    6. He'll allow people to make him look like a cock.

    7. Or wear a cock, for that matter.

    8. Just to help his loved one flog a few poorly made hats.

    9. Or scarves.

    10. But mostly hats.

    11. They're often forced to wear said items in public.

    12. Sure, they can look away from the camera.

    13. Or try to disguise themselves with a hood.

    14. But nothing can hide their shame.

    15. Not even a knitted beard.

    16. Sometimes pets are dragged into it. They're no happier about the situation.

    17. Just imagine for one second how hard being an Etsy boyfriend must be.

    18. Being forced to wear this, and for it to end up appearing on sites like BuzzFeed.

    19. It's too much for most men to take.

    20. Please, won't somebody think of the sad Etsy boyfriends?!

    21. Although this guy has no right to be sad. BEST. SHIRT. EVER.