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19 Reasons We Should All Move To Yorkshire

White roses > Red roses.

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1. People in Yorkshire speak their minds. Especially when ordering pizza.

2. Even the dentists are total badasses.

3. And although they embrace current trends.

4. They never forget their roots.

5. They're leaders in the world of photobombing.

6. They have a wonderful way with words.

7. They're culinary trailblazers.

8. And in Yorkshire, no one at the NSA gives a crap about Edward Snowden.

9. They're too busy worrying about their own breaking news.

10. In Yorkshire people do what they're told.

11. And will only break the law in extreme circumstances.

12. They have incredible place names.

13. And lots of them.

14. But none are better than this.

15. They even name places after their favourite American comedians.

16. Yes, there's crime.

17. But residents of Yorkshire can sleep easy knowing that the Police are there to protect them.

18. So next time you're in Yorkshire, stop and have a drink with the locals.

19. And if you can't understand what they're saying, here's a handy guide.