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24 Questions Britain Has For The US

It seems you guys have been rather busy since 1776. We have some questions.

1. First up, must you always be so patriotic?

2. And why would anyone live somewhere where it gets THIS cold?

3. Why do so many people give this guy such a hard time?

You have no idea how lucky you are...

4. Was this setting totally necessary?

5. Does alcohol taste better if you drink it out of a gun?

6. Why is everything so much bigger?

7. I mean, it's a good job this car park was empty.

8. Do you actually have any of your own actors or are just going to keep stealing ours?

9. What have you got against the letter "U"?

10. What exactly does freedom taste like?

11. And why are your streets so boringly predictable?

Now THIS is how you lay out a city.

12. What's with the whole "being happy and confident and talking to strangers" thing?

13. Why must you confuse us thankless Brits with the concept of tipping?

14. You know this isn't bacon, yes?

15. Why are your TV commercials for drugs so batshit crazy?

16. Why must all your cups be red?

17. And why do your toilets have so much water in them?!

18. While we're on the subject, why are there giant gaps in toilet doors?

19. How do we get in on this whole breakfast pizza thing?

20. Technologically, you're up there with the best of them. So why do you still have to sign when paying the bill rather than use chip and pin?

21. Exactly how many countries take part in the World Series?

22. And how is it possible that this is a college football game?

23. How did Miss Florida not win Miss America?

24. And finally, people aren't actually called Randy, right?