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    33 British Businesses That Were Named By Absolute Geniuses

    We don't do everything well, but when it comes to puns there's no one who can touch us.

    1. The Macclesfield cafe that deserves global appreciation.

    2. This place in Truro, Cornwall – you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

    3. Shropshire's – not Newcastle's – foremost landscape gardeners.

    4. The tree surgeons who travel from the east. Like, Hackney or something.

    5. The only carpet cleaners you want if you're hosting a Glasgow house party.

    6. This Mr Whippy van that'll give you unprecedented levels of satisfaction.

    7. Got a garden that needs fixing in the mean streets of Rotherhithe? Call...

    8. Dunfermline's classiest opticians.

    9. Britain's most dangerous landscape gardener.

    10. The flooring experts that'll just keep going and going.

    11. In Surrey? Want a haircut? Walk this way...

    12. Talking of which...

    13. Or if stadium rock isn't your thing, perhaps try...

    14. Holy two puns for the price of one, Batman! Look what's next door!

    15. And the last in this run of truly special barber shops...

    16. This Southampton gift shop.

    Google Street View

    17. The Hartlepool takeaway that has clearly doesn't know how it all ended.

    18. If you're ever in Stalybridge and are wondering where the tans are, this place should give you a clue.

    19. This Scottish take on a classic.

    20. This mobile sandwich service that is surely known as the Bapmobile.

    21. The Greater Manchester barber shop where there is just one rule: Put the bunny back in the box.

    22. This place in Edinburgh that couldn't have really been called anything else.

    23. These aren't the premium electronic cigarettes and supplies you are looking for.

    24. But that's not the best vaping shop out there.

    25. This cleaning company that are certainly required after an evening of dancing in the dark.

    26. This halal butchers in Stoke Newington.

    27. Pretty much the only pun that works with "Lytham St. Annes".

    28. The printer cartridge shop that can only be described as "lovely stuff".


    Not my words, Michael. The words of Shakin' Stevens.

    29. This tanker service that is ANYTHING but shit.

    30. Everyone's favourite Oxfordshire-based dry cleaners.

    31. And if your Fiesta is fucked as you pass through Bristol, there's only one man to call.

    32. The Aylesbury supermarket with a totally original name that doesn't know why you're looking at it like that.

    33. But the winner, just like in 1066, is this concrete specialist from – you guessed it – Battle, near Hastings.