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37 Pictures That Will Give You Intense Primary School Flashbacks

For anyone who's ever held a buttercup under their chin.

1. Using these to cover your hands with PVA glue so you could peel it off.

2. These mats that were, if anything, harder than the floor.

3. The feeling of being given a brand-new exercise book.

4. How everyone would lose their shit when the world's most informative giraffe would turn up.

'Sup, Harold?

5. Knowing every single song in this book word for word.

6. Shooting up some lead.

7. The embarrassment of getting a nosebleed in the middle of PE.

8. Nailing "Three Blind Mice" on this bad boy.

9. Having a cheeky game of Guess Who? when it was raining at lunch.

10. Pressing your hand into Stickle Bricks so you'd be covered in dots.

11. The fear that came with someone presenting you with this.

12. Letting one of these decide your future.

13. Competing against your classmates to see who could make the biggest sword out of these.

14. This book that taught you all you ever needed to know about loss.

15. And, of course, the one that taught you all you ever needed to know about being a greedy bastard.

16. The chemically goodness of drinks like this.

17. And the unbridled joy of being presented with this for dessert at lunchtime.

18. After you spent the main course being extra mature with your Alphabites.

19. Changing your pen colour as your mood changed.

20. Receiving one of these badges and feeling like there was no one who could touch you.

21. Sticking a buttercup under your chin to find out whether you liked butter. Even though you already knew you did.

22. Playing football with one of these, until one very windy afternoon where it ended up flying three fields away.

23. At which point you'd graduate to a real ball that had lost all its leather.

24. Being taught how to write by Magic Pencil.

25. Every sports day would involve a shitload of these colourful little gits.

26. And obviously no one has ever run faster than when they were wearing these.

27. Being forced to watch shows like Through the Dragon's Eye, which clearly inspired Game of Thrones.

28. Also Geordie Racer. Though you're still not sure how this had any educational value whatsoever.

29. Making every bit of work you produced on the computer look like it had been vomited on by WordArt.

30. The feeling of using a brand-new Crayola crayon.

31. Which was only marginally beaten by the feeling of getting this seat on a school trip.

32. The shame you'd feel after being sent out of the classroom.

33. How this would happen EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

34. When no one would start dancing at the school disco until "Saturday Night" by Whigfield would come on.

35. Ruining your day with this all-too-frequent fuckup.

36. Having to put the chairs on the desks at the end of the day.

37. And finally losing your mind on that infamous day when a dog somehow got into the playground.