19 Genuinely Funny Ways To Tell The World You're Having A Baby

    If you're going to live blog your pregnancy on Facebook, please be funny.

    1. When it comes to telling people you're pregnant, it's best to do it in a way they'll understand.

    2. If you're sticking with cliches, try to do something different.

    3. Mocking pre-existing children works every time.

    4. And whether you're trying to be original.

    5. Or predictable.

    6. Make sure you do it better than everyone else.

    7. You can embrace new technology.


    8. Or even make it interactive.

    9. You can be geeky.

    10. Really geeky.

    11. In fact you can be so geeky that most people won't really understand it.

    12. Experiment with Photoshop.

    13. And know that dogs always make things better.

    14. Just because the movie poster idea has been done before.

    15. Doesn't mean it can't be funny.

    16. If possible it's always good to have a punchline.

    17. Why not consider dressing up.

    18. Perhaps as a murderous drug dealer?

    19. And if all else fails...