Post-"Breaking Bad," Skyler And Jesse Are Among The Most Popular Names In The U.K.

According to website BabyCentre, Brits are no longer looking to royals for baby name inspiration. Now it’s all about hit US dramas.

1. Despite, let’s say, not being the most popular Breaking Bad character, there are 70% more Skylers in the UK than last year.

2. Whilst everyone’s favourite murderer, junkie, drug dealer caused a 13% rise in the number of Jesses.

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3. Though he may be the world’s most wanted terrorist in Homeland, the name Brody has gone up by 40%, making it the 78th most popular name in the UK.

Showtime / Via

4. And there are 200% more Carries than last year - all of whom cry significantly less than Ms. Mathison.

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5. Arya increased in popularity by 183% thanks to Game Of Thrones, though we’re still waiting on the first Joffrey.

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6. However it wasn’t such a good year for the royals, with Harry, William and even George all declining in popularity.

7. You can find the full list of names on

8. H/t the Independent.

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Robin Edds is editor-at-large at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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