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    19 Photos That Will Make You Say "Oh Shit, That's Pretty Clever"

    Tomorrow's world, today. Via /r/mildlyinteresting.

    1. This guy who's sewn a microfibre cloth onto the inside of his shirt for cleaning his glasses.

    2. This genius little thingamajig that stops you getting food stains on your worktop.

    3. These stairs with a track that makes carrying your bike up and down SO much easier.

    4. This pill bottle that tells you when it was last opened.

    5. This handy little sauce pouch for those who want a mess-free fry-eating experience.

    6. The fact that the only button that doesn't have braille is the light, because obviously.

    7. This groundskeeper's method for cutting grass on steep hills.

    8. This strip of snow designed to keep your drink cool.

    9. This clever sticker that shows you whether a parcel has been kept upright or not – this one clearly hasn't!

    10. And this one that's even more hi-tech – it tells you the exact angle, and the direction, the parcel has been tilted to.

    11. And while we're on clever packaging, this box wearing a cute little hat that stops others from stacking stuff on top of it.

    12. This ingenious skateboard rack.

    13. The tap (or "faucet" for our American readers) cleverly hidden in a fence.

    14. The parts of this desk that are separated by the order in which they are needed, rather than by item.

    15. These beer mats that you can use to check your drink hasn't been spiked.

    16. This burger that is delivered to your home in separate parts so as to stop the bun from getting soggy.

    17. This car in Beijing that came with a plant in the back to improve air quality inside the car.

    18. These lines that extend up to the barriers so it's much easier to check whether you're inside the lines.

    19. And these private parking spaces in Germany that guarantee no one will ever steal your spot.