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    The 28 Most Unfortunate Names In Sport

    Think your life is hard? Spare a thought for Gaylord Silly.

    1. Yoshi Takeshita

    2. Dick Felt

    3. Danny Shittu

    4. Destinee Hooker

    5. Rusty Kuntz

    6. Dean Windass

    7. Kim Yoo Suck

    8. Misty Hyman

    9. Ivana Mandic

    10. Gaylord Silly

    11. Dong Dong

    12. David Seaman

    13. Wang Liqin

    14. DeWanna Bonner

    15. Andrei Arshavin

    16. Steve Sharts

    17. Dick Paradise

    18. Ralf Minge

    19. Lucious Pusey

    20. Bernt Haas

    21. Rickey van Wolfswinkel

    22. Chubby Cox

    23. Dick Sisler

    24. Argelico Fucks

    25. Dick Trickle

    26. Nortei Nortey

    27. André Muff

    28. Tokyo Sexwale

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