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    People Have Been Venting Their Frustrations At The Wrong David Cameron On Twitter

    @David_Cameron is the prime minister of the U.K. @DavidCameron, however, is an unfortunately named guy from Oregon. You can imagine how that's worked out.

    Obviously there are insults.

    Like this one.

    But David likes to fight fire with fire.

    He never shies aware from answering people's questions.

    He likes to come up with groundbreaking policies.

    Some of them sound better than the PM's, to be honest.

    Even though people aren't always grateful for the work that he does.

    Even celebrities have fallen for it.

    Once people realise who they're talking to, they tend to change their tune.

    Because this David isn't a "div" or a "muppet".

    And people often end up wanting to be his friend.

    Because even though he doesn't run a country, he likes to help however he can.

    And is super supportive.

    David's always prepared to answer the hard hitting questions of the British public.

    Even if, to be honest, he probably doesn't know the answer.

    To many he's the Prime Minister they wish they had.

    In fact he sounds like pretty much every politician we've ever encountered.

    Some people even like to send him presents.

    But for every present, there's a lot more of this.

    Quite a bit of this.

    And, unfortunately, far too much of this.

    But our David never fails to see the funny side.

    And he seems intent on making the country a better place. Even if it's not his country.


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