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Here's One Thing You Probably Didn't Spot In The "Game Of Thrones" Finale

Only read this if you have finished Season 6, obviously.

Well. That was certainly a thing. Huh? We got Dany and her new "Cersei is a dick" coalition finally sailing west...

We got Cersei doing what she'd always threatened to do: burning the city to the ground for her children.

We got Arya returning to Westeros to whip up some Frey pies.

And thanks to our new King in the North, we finally saw a Direwolf back on Winterfell during the opening credits.

HOWEVER, there was one thing that you might not have noticed from Sam's storyline.

Once he's granted entry to the Citadel's library, Sam almost does a happy cry because he's such a massive nerd. BUT HANG ON – what's that thing on the ceiling?!

Oh shit. It's the sun-type thing from the opening titles!

You know...this thing!

Throughout the opening titles we see close ups of it that depict the recent history of Westeros. Here you can see the Lannisters (the lion) and Baratheons (the stag) defeating the Targaryens (the dragon).

This can clearly be seen in the lamp-type thing in the library, as can a bunch of mirrors/lenses – which if you watch closely also appear in the opening credits.

So now you know. (If you spotted this all by yourself, then please enjoy the inevitable feeling of smugness.)