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24 People Who Were Truly Born To Do Their Jobs

What's in a name? Well, quite a lot, apparently...

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1. This guy who was brought on to talk about weight loss.

BBC / Via Twitter: @stokel

2. The weather reporter who fulfills her destiny every morning.

3. The only reporter ITV could have sent to cover the floods.

4. This woman who knows what she's talking about.

BBC / Via Twitter: @rhayter

5. This Green party candidate.

6. And this UKIP contender you'd struggle to make up.

7. This chap who does exactly what it says on the tin.

8. The economics professor whose name was a gift from the gods.

9. The best music teacher there ever was.

10. This guy who's having a worse day than you.

11. This man who'll probably make you feel like a terrible person.

12. This chef who knows where he's at his happiest.

13. The builder who couldn't have done anything else.

14. This archaeologist who has definitely heard them all before.

15. The pooch who feels bad for what he's done.

BBC / Via Twitter: @TGP73

16. The academic who struggles to convince people to read their work.

17. This Tory peer talking about her favourite subject.

18. The trespasser who probably didn't have an easy time telling the police what his name was.

19. The only firefighter you'd want to come and save you.


20. This guy who couldn't live anywhere else tbh.

21. The world's least stealthy flasher.


22. The man who has just two words on his business cards.

BBC / Via

23. This woman, who's actually an example of anti-nominative determinism.

24. And finally...