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My Mum Was At The Centre Of The Biggest Story On The Internet And I Had No Idea

Oh and for the record, she said it was definitely blue...

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Even Taylor Swift got involved (and was totally right, by the way).

I don't understand this odd dress debate and I feel like it's a trick somehow. I'm confused and scared. PS it's OBVIOUSLY BLUE AND BLACK


So imagine how I, a Senior Writer at BuzzFeed UK, felt when I received this nonchalant Facebook message from my mother 16 hours after the story had broken.

"We had no idea that it had become a story until we saw it on the news at lunchtime," she said. "The dress definitely looked blue to us. It was a lovely wedding though. The band was great!"

This is Colonsay, where my Mum spends a few months each year staying with her boyfriend, Rodger, in his B&B. It is also where the wedding happened.

Google Maps

Sadly, despite reading a LOT of high-quality viral content about this dress, I had managed to miss this vital bit of information. If I had been aware, I might have been able to get hold of some exclusive photos that the rest of the internet had missed and I'd be looking rather smug right now. Instead I look like this...

Thanks, Mum.

When you work at BuzzFeed and find out 12 hours too late that your mum was at The Dress wedding-- @robinedds