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    24 Middle-Class Crisps That Went Way, Way Too Far

    Britain will put up with a lot – but don't you dare try putting mince pies in our crisps!

    1. The crisps that are best left for a special occasion.

    Important news: you can now buy prosecco flavour crisps and they are incredible!! Thank you @marksandspencer 😘

    2. The crisps that forgot the golden rule of crisps: NEVER MAKE CRISPS TASTE LIKE FUCKING FRUIT.

    3. The crisps that aren't actually crisps but we had to include because some jeb end made them taste like cake. Cake.

    Down-To-Earth Snacks #onlyinwaitrose

    4. Crisps? Great. Parsnip? Sure, why not, we're up for trying new things. Honey? Hmmm. Manuka? Fuck off.

    5. The crisps that need to ducking duck the Gressingham duck off.

    Possibly the most middle class crisps in the world, blame my wee sis. #middleclassselfloathing never tasted better

    6. The crisps that come in a bag that resembles your great aunt's living room.

    7. The crisps that are inevitably infinitely less tasty than either the beef or the red wine on the bag.

    Red wine crisps! The height of middle-class sophistication brought to you by Aldi. 🍷

    8. And they're not the only ones pissing about with wine. Don't get us wrong, we love wine. But just keep it out of our crisps, OK?

    The unstoppable march of the middle class crisps goes on.

    9. The crisps that are trying to make you feel like shit as you devour your bag of Skips.

    Who knew there were langoustine-flavoured crisps in the world? #m&s #middleclass

    10. The crisps that make your piss smell funny. You don't get that with Chipsticks.

    The world's most middle class crisps

    11. The crisps that are best eaten while watching Downton Abbey and laughing maniacally at those less fortunate than you.

    So just bought probably the most middle class crisps ever. They tasted pretty sweet though to be fair.

    12. The crisps that seem to forget the real flavour of summer is after-sun and sporting disappointment.

    Call off the search. The world's most middle-class crisps have been found. (They're really nice)

    13. The crisps that make you wish you lived somewhere they don't celebrate Christmas, like the moon, or the seventh circle of Hell.

    Marmite on the M1, now mince pie flavoured crisps at M&S... What the hell's going on?

    14. The crisps that are flavoured with authentic North Yorkshire Spanish sausage like that's actually a shitting thing.

    Hey @lucyastrid are these not more middle class crisps? #olympicpark

    15. The crisps that were manufactured by someone who asked, "How can we make salt and vinegar 70% more hateful?"

    The most disgustingly middle class crisps I've ever had. Proper let down too, they taste nothing like Oyster.

    16. The crisps that could – and we're going out on a limb here – probably be eaten by people who aren't playing cricket.

    17. The crisps that make you think there's probably better things you can do with a lobster. Like eating them. Or throwing them at crisp manufacturers.

    As pompous and middle class as a bag of crisps can be, but these beauties are too tasty! #waitrose

    18. The crisps that teach you "when life gives you lemons, put them in crisps and RUIN EVERYTHING".

    Lemon Harissa crisps from M&S are awesome!

    19. The crisps that are not fried, not baked, so not worth your energy.

    Check this out: Look boring, but possibly THE best crisps ever. Can't believe I just said said that. Well done #M&S.

    20. The crisps that, in a radical move, someone decided to flavour with potato. Of course they did.

    @Oog These ones from M&S are the best crisps i've ever tasted.

    21. Likewise with these. But it's OK because these ones are red.

    Saw these crisps from M&S, how pretentious I thought! Then I opened and ate them, bloomin' delicious!

    22. Nope. Nope. Nope.

    #Crisps... 1 of your 5 a day? Now you're talking! #m&s #marksandspencer #HealthyEating #lbloggers

    23. Horseradish? Horse shit. Now where's the Monster Munch?

    Beetroot, horseradish and dill selfie!! #selfie #nomnomnom #crisps #getinmahbelly @LeightonBrownLC

    24. The crisps that are probably quite nice but SHUSH THAT'S NOT THE POINT.

    Review: @KETTLEChipsUK Paprika, Porcini & Garlic Butter Crunch 3 Fl strength 4 Fl acc 3 Satisfaction 4 Interesting.

    25. And finally the crisps that taste like mud, BO, and (more often than not) Coldplay.

    @TXFMDublin after JC's earlier rant about Glasto being everywhere I hope he doesn't stop off for crisps in M&S

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