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    37 Manx Cats That Prove You Don't Need A Tail To Be Happy

    Not having a tail doesn't make you any less of a cat.

    1. This is a Manx cat.

    2. As you've probably spotted by now, Manx cats don't have tails.

    3. Some Manx cats get embarrassed about their tailless existence.

    4. But most of them - like this guy - absolutely own it.

    As their name suggests, Manx cats originate from the Isle of Man.

    For those not in the know, the Isle of Man is a 30 mile long island situated between England and Ireland.

    5. They're liberal creatures, and don't like to be pigeonholed.

    6. But 'The Man' has subdivided them into two categories - 'rumpies' have absolutely no tail...

    7. ...while 'stumpies' have a small hint of a tail (or stump, if you will).

    8. Stumpie or rumpie, Manx cats stick together.

    9. Their tail-owning brothers and sisters can be total dicks, mocking them for their shortcomings.

    10. But be warned. Crossing a Manx cat will result in only one outcome.

    11. It'll creep up on you.

    12. And slap you round the face.

    13. Before falling asleep on you.

    14. So you'd better back off.

    15. When they're not slapping bullies round the face, they like to sleep in bowls.

    16. And when they aren't any bowls, they have to improvise.

    17. One unfortunate side effect of not having a tail is that their balance isn't great.

    18. And so they fall over.

    19. A lot.

    20. Which can be kind of awkward.

    21. There are a number of stories as to why Manx cats don't have tails.

    22. Such as the theory that Noah shut the door of the ark when it started raining, accidentally cutting off the cat's tail. Bloody Noah.

    23. Or that a tailless cat swam to the island from a boat that had gotten lost and shipwrecked after the Spanish Armada.

    24. In reality the reason they don't have tails is due to the island's limited genetic diversity.

    25. Which is just a nice way of saying they're totally inbred. Sorry guys.

    26. Luckily they don't really understand what that means. Largely because they can be a bit slow.

    27. But on the plus side, not having a tail means they can sit/stand in crazy positions like this.

    28. They come in all shapes and sizes.

    29. You've got black ones.

    30. White ones.

    31. Ginger ones.

    32. And even ones that look like Grumpy Cat.

    33. They're also the only breed of domestic cat that can read.

    34. Their favourite book is A Tail Of Two Kitties.

    35. So that's just about everything you need to know about Manx cats.

    36. Remember, just because something is different, doesn't mean you have the right to make fun of it.

    37. And if you do, they will kick you in the balls.

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