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    London In Your Early Twenties Vs. Your Late Twenties

    It's not all downhill after your early twenties. Just mostly.

    Early twenties: Shots are a great way to start any night.

    Late twenties: Just, no.

    Early twenties: How you feel when you finally start to understand how the tube works.

    Late twenties: The Underground is an absolute last resort.

    Early twenties: You stay out until the tubes start the next morning.

    Late twenties:

    Early twenties: Your attitude to online dating.

    Late twenties: You'll try anything!

    Early twenties: You move to Clapham as soon as you graduate.

    Late twenties: You move North or East, and only go south of the river in extreme circumstances.

    Early twenties: You're terrified of all the crazy people on the nightbus.

    Late twenties: You are one of the crazy people on the nightbus.

    Early twenties: A standard Saturday night in Infernos.

    Late twenties:

    Early twenties: You have no money, but that's hardly surprising seeing as you don't earn much.

    Late twenties: After numerous promotions and pay rises you still run out of money at the end of the month.

    Early twenties: You only ever stand at the front at gigs.

    Late twenties: Why stand when you can sit?!

    Early twenties: Midweek drinking is totally acceptable.

    Late twenties:

    Early twenties: To save money you try running to work.

    Late twenties:

    Early twenties: When you look at house prices.

    Late twenties: When you look at house prices.

    Early twenties: Getting excited by London's famous landmarks.

    Late twenties: That shit never goes away.