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    26 Horrifying Problems Only People From Leeds Will Understand


    1. When you can't find the dog's lead so have to use a pair of jeans.

    Jeans as a lead... #onlyinleeds @LeedsProbs

    2. When you order a takeaway but can't hear the door.

    3. When your mints just aren't bacony enough.

    4. When your ferret wants to go for a walk.

    Only in Leeds would you see a bloke walking with a ferret on a lead, couldn't believe my eyes #onlyinleeds

    5. Or sheep, for that matter.

    Someone casually walking a sheep through the park #onlyinleeds

    6. When you confuse a fridge for the exit.

    There must be a really good story behind this... #onlyinleeds

    7. When you can't take your snake to the newsagents.

    Seen on the door of a corner shop in Leeds. #OnlyInLeeds

    8. When they decided to show Thatcher's funeral in Millennium Square.

    9. When you find one of these in Leeds Station.

    10. When you try to take an arty picture of snow.

    Casually looking out my window and come across this... #onlyinleeds

    11. When you get your hair cut somewhere just because of a strong pun.

    Just seen a hairdressers in Leeds and yes that is the actual name... #OnlyInLeeds

    12. When your table is wiser than you are.

    13. When YOU look stupid.

    14. When you can't walk through Headingley on a Saturday afternoon without encountering a group of minions.

    @PebblesAllard @IssyMcNeile @sidoniewilson @emiilyrosee THIS JUST HAPPENED #minions #onlyinLeeds

    15. Or traffic cones.

    16. Or Oompa Loompas.

    17. When you get caught up in a horse chase.

    2 guys just rode past me on stolen horses.. #onlyinleeds

    18. When any of these things happen.

    19. When people laugh at your accent.

    Laughing at @TaParkin saying Rolo #LeedsProblems

    20. When your taxi driver worships false gods.

    21. When you can't tell the difference between the ice cream and drug dealer vans.

    Sitting at Laurens window trying to decide whether this is a legit icecream van or the drugdealer one #leedsproblems

    22. When you can't decide what type of takeaway you want.

    Cross between mcdonalds, burger king and noodlebox!! #zante #onlyinleeds

    23. Dental maintenance.

    24. When your cart is too high for the drive-thru.

    25. When you hope that THIS will be the year that the Leeds Festival stays dry.

    26. And when people outside of Leeds don't understand how true this is.