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15 Brilliant "Breaking Bad" References From "Better Call Saul" Season 2

Nothing is an accident in ABQ. Spoilers if you haven't finished Season 2.

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It's no secret that Vince Gilligan and the Better Call Saul showrunners like to drop in a Breaking Bad reference from time to time. Here are a few you might not have spotted...


Well, turns out it's the same tequila Gus uses to poison Don Eladio and co. in the Breaking Bad Season 4 episode "Salud".


Vince Gilligan told the Better Call Saul Insider Podcast that they needed a 3D printer to recreate the original bottle.


In Breaking Bad Season 1 Jesse sold meth there, in Season 2 he bought a gun there, and in Season 5 he gave a homeless man money there. In summary, Jesse loves a hot dog.


And in case you're wondering what those red circles are, the address of the Dog House appears to be 1216, which is the address that Jimmy changes all the "1261"s in Chuck's Mesa Verde files to. So there.


Who went on to sell his products to Walt on more than one occasion. Most memorably, Lawson sold Walt the weapon that he turned into a Nazi-killing robot that appeared out of the trunk of his car.

Outside the diner you can see Krazy-8's van, with the Tampico logo. Back when he was a prisoner in Jesse's basement, he and Walt talked about Tampico – his family's furniture store.


And in case anyone is questioning whether it's really the same company, this tweet from the official Breaking Bad account confirms it.

HHM welcomes a familiar business as a new client tomorrow on #BetterCallSaul.

14. Another reminder of the universe we're in comes in the season finale, where the Breaking Bad logo is clearly visible on the floor of the hospital.

The reason this name was chosen seems to be that three episodes earlier Jimmy and Kim were sitting at home watching the 1968 Rock Hudson movie Ice Station Zebra.


In essence, Jimmy and Kim, in their newfound happy(ish) relationship, are Ice Station Zebra Associates.

So when you see that Saul is still using the name years later in Breaking Bad, it kind of breaks your heart a little.

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Jimmy loves Kim. We know this much. But we also know that between where we are now in Better Call Saul and when we see him again in Breaking Bad, something happens that means Jimmy/Saul loses Kim from his life totally. Using the name "Ice Station Zebra Associates" is all he has left. 💔


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