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Here's What Jet From "Gladiators" Looks Like Now

Gladiators, ready!

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You probably don't need to be reminded, but here's what Jet from Gladiators looked like back in the glory days of 1992.

Neil Munns / EMPICS

All the gladiators looked great, don't get us wrong, but there was something ~special~ about Jet (centre). And not just the fact that she managed to resist the hairspray. (No offence, Lightning/Scorpio!)

And though she hung up her pugil stick in 1995 after a bad fall on the Pyramid, the love of Jet has never waned.

Tidying stuff from school days discovered a cache of posters of Jet from Gladiators. Will frame. #AccidentalPartridge

When I was growing up, it was common knowledge that Jet from Gladiators was the hottest woman in the world.


I told you all we have a signed photo of Jet from Gladiators in our office, right? #AlanPartridge

She even inspired this beloved line from Norwich's favourite fictional DJ.

Jet from Gladiators to host Millennium barn dance at Yeovil aerodrome.Properly policed.Must not,repeat must not turn into an all night rave.


And that's not Jet's (real name Diane Youdale) only celebrity friend. Here she is hanging out with Shaun Ryder, Antony Costa, and Jenny Bond. Told you – big-time!

After Gladiators Diane trained as a therapist, later becoming director of Soul Dynamics – a company that specialises in therapy, counselling, and fitness programmes. She also appears on Big Brother as a coach.

But she hasn't forgotten her roots. Just two weeks ago she retweeted this:

RT if you've got that Friday Feeling! #FridayFeeling #HappyFriday #Gladiators #GladiatorsReady

And there are no shortage of people still starstruck by Jet two decades on.

Haha so yeah I think I played it really cool meeting @di_youdale aka Jet! @PaulOGradyShow #NOT thanks Paul!!


Now, let the sweet sounds of the greatest theme tune ever written wash over you as you think back to simpler times.

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