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32 Things No British Person Will Ever Be Able To Forget

The Animals of Farthing Wood > Game of Thrones.

1. The unparalleled fear this guy caused.


2. Checking the weather forecast on Ceefax.


3. Spending hours attempting to achieve the impossible on your 3210.

4. This was the only way to eat Hula Hoops.

5. Being excited about getting Sky Digital so you could play Beehive Bedlam.


6. The magic that was VideoPlus+.

7. How understated football kits used to be.

Getty Images Anton Want

8. The Saturday night tradition of Baywatch...

The Baywatch Company

9. ...followed by Gladiators...



10. ...and finally Blind Date.

ITV / Via

11. Only agreeing to go shopping with your parents if you could get pic'n'mix from Woolworths.

Getty Images Matt Cardy

12. Losing your shit over a new terrestrial TV channel.

Channel 5 / Via

13. How much more exciting cereal was when it came in a tiny box.

14. Never feeling more smug than when you managed to do this without them noticing.

15. Not wanting anything as much as you wanted to enter The Crystal Maze.

Channel 4

16. Judging everyone you knew on their Pog collection.

17. And spending every lunchtime throwing these around.

18. When the BBC would run out of shows soon after midnight and just show this until the morning.

19. Desperately trying to complete your collection.

Mr men and little Miss collection from years ago hahahah

Sophie Hardie@sophhiee__Follow

Mr men and little Miss collection from years ago hahahah

9:13 PM - 30 Jun 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

20. When two national treasures went by different names.


21. Never being happier than when you were looking through the Argos catalogue.

22. Hypercolor T-shirts, which changed colour when you got sweaty. 💚💙❤️


23. Every boys' changing room having a distinct and tear-inducing aroma.

24. The days when you could find ACTUAL MONEY in a bag of crisps.

25. When this was the coolest thing anyone could possibly own.

26. The lasting pain of the bleep test.

27. Trying to make your school tie as short as possible.


28. When the person you fancied wouldn't reply to you on MSN.

29. Duke of Edinburgh regret.

realising we still had another 20 miles uphill to go #dofeproblems


realising we still had another 20 miles uphill to go #dofeproblems

6:22 PM - 03 Feb 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

30. Backing your exercise books.

31. How these things turned you into a walking encyclopedia of obscure '90s footballers.

32. Worrying every week about your favourite character being killed off, 20 years before Game of Thrones.

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