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32 Facts That Will Shock Anyone Who Grew Up In Britain

Turns out Snoop Dogg is a huge Corrie fan.

1. Art Attack's Neil Buchanan is the guitarist in metal band Marseille.

2. Mo Harris from Eastenders – real name Laila Morse – is the older sister of Sirius Black himself, Gary Oldman.

3. The Sugababes were originally called the Sugababies.

4. Brum's name was a pun, based on the fact that the show was set in Birmingham.

5. Love Actually director Richard Curtis did some uncredited script editing on Maid Marian and Her Merry Men.

6. Talking of which, one of Marian's merry men (Rabies) was played by Howard Lew Lewis, who also played a merry man in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

7. David Sneddon, who won the first series of Fame Academy in 2002, wrote the track "National Anthem" for Lana Del Rey's debut album.

8. The video of the 1998 Spice Girls single "Viva Forever" took longer to make than the whole of Spice World: The Movie.

9. Crystal Maze host Richard O'Brien played Riff Raff in The Rocky Horror Show (which he also wrote), as did his Maze replacement, Ed Tudor-Pole.

10. And while we're on the subject, Richard O'Brien is 72! We'll have some of what he's having, thanks.

11. They would film the Crystal Dome section of the show twice each episode, because the fans didn't actually blow the gold and silver tokens into the air very effectively and they would just settle on the ground. During the second filming contestants would jump around more to make it look more exciting.

12. The twins from Fun House went on to have a pop career in Japan under the name ATT ("a twin thing").

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13. Ant and Dec didn't like each other when they first met.

14. During filming of Gladiators, host Ulrika Jonsson dated Hunter.

15. And before being famous for being Jordan's husband, MMA fighter Alex Reid was a contestant on Gladiators.

16. Before entering The X Factor, Olly Murs appeared on an episode of Deal or No Deal – winning just £10.

17. Jon Briggs, the voiceover guy on Weakest Link, also voices the male version of Siri in the UK.

18. Doctor Who and Torchwood star John Barrowman was a host of Live & Kicking.

19. Roald Dahl hated the 1971 version of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, because he felt it placed too much emphasis on Wonka and not enough on Charlie.

20. Snoop Dogg has claimed to be a huge fan of Coronation Street.

21. The real-life daughter of Balamory's Spencer is a porn star.

22. Morph's best bud, Tony Hart, designed the original Blue Peter galleon.

23. People who applied but failed to become Blue Peter presenters include Gail Porter, Jake Humphrey, and former Eastenders star Todd Carty.

24. Donald Sumpter, most recently best known for playing Maester Luwin in Game of Thrones, had a recurring role in The Queen's Nose as Harmony's uncle Ginger – it was he who originally gave Harmony the magic 50p.

25. The Big Break theme tune was composed by the man who wrote hits for The Wombles and Katie Melua – Mike Batt.

26. Much of Robbie Williams' "Angels" was written by relatively unknown Irish songwriter Ray Heffernan, who ended up receiving just £7,500 for his efforts.

27. But unsold copies of WIlliams' 2006 album Rudebox were sent to China to be recycled and used to surface roads.

28. Felicity Jones – from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and the new Stephen Hawking film The Theory of Everything – was Ethel Hallow in CITV's The Worst Witch.

29. And before donning the famous Spidey suit, her co-star, Andrew Garfield, starred in Channel 4's coming-of-age drama Sugar Rush.

30. The original Tinky Winky – Dave Thompson – was fired from Teletubbies, with some claiming that the production company weren't happy with his interpretation of the character, and his implication that Tinky Winky was gay.

31. The Wire's Jimmy McNulty, aka Dominic West, played a photographer in Spice World: The Movie.

32. And finally – as somehow some people still haven't worked this one out – Game of Thrones' Bronn was one half of bafflingly successful mum-pop act Robson & Jerome. Don't believe us? Watch this (but cover your ears).

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