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    Posted on Oct 12, 2015

    65 Things That Make British People Feel Slightly Guilty

    It's a wonder we get anything done.

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    1. When the alarm goes off as you're leaving Tesco even though you clearly haven't stolen anything.

    2. When you use small change to pay for something.

    3. When you use a £20 note to pay for something.

    4. When you've bought more than six items in the supermarket and there's a queue behind you.

    5. Asking the waiter if you can order your food.

    6. Asking the waiter for the bill.

    7. Bothering the waiter in any way.

    8. Causing cars to stop when you cross a zebra crossing.

    9. Walking over a zebra crossing and forgetting to wave thanks at the driver.

    10. When you're driving and drive through a zebra crossing when someone was about to cross.

    11. When the traffic lights turn red but you've already crossed so cars end up stopping for no one and you can feel them staring at you.

    12. When your phone rings when you're getting your hair cut.

    13. Taking the last one of something from a shop.

    14. Complaining when your food isn't right, so you eat whatever they brought you.

    15. Asking people for directions.

    16. Realising a week later that you gave someone wrong directions.

    17. Ringing the bell and causing the bus to stop when you're the only person getting off.

    18. Or even worse, when you accidentally press the button too soon and it stops a stop too early, so you get off and walk the extra distance because you can't handle the guilt.

    19. Being too sick to go into work.

    20. Being sick in work.

    21. Ruining Bake Off for someone.

    22. Wearing a rucksack on a busy train.

    23. Likewise if you have to carry a suitcase during rush hour.

    24. Accidental queue-jumping.

    25. When you bump into the person who used to cut your hair and they realise someone else has muscled in on their patch.

    26. Taking the last roast potato (however good it may taste).

    27. Forgetting to say thanks to the driver as you get off the bus.

    28. Reclining your seat on a plane in case it inconveniences the person sat behind you. Even though the person in front of you has reclined their seat.

    29. Taking the only remaining seat on any sort of public transport.

    30. Having the heating on.

    31. Finding a fiver and keeping it.

    32. Kicking people out of your seat on the train even though you booked it.

    33. Wanting to leave a bad review (so you just don't leave any review at all).

    34. Dialling a wrong number.

    35. When someone calls you but it's a wrong number.

    36. Changing channel during the serious bits of Comic Relief.

    37. When you cba to talk to a taxi driver.

    38. Using a Tesco "bag for life" in Sainsbury's.

    39. Still being sat at your desk when the cleaner appears.

    40. Staying inside on a really nice day because you're hungover.

    41. Going outside and enjoying a really nice day when you've got a shit-ton of work to do.

    42. When you call a customer service line to complain and they're really nice about it and help you out.

    43. When you haven't been paid for work that you did so you chase it up.

    44. When you have your full-beam headlights on and forget to turn them down when someone drives past you.

    45. Forgetting to buy a poppy.

    46. Handing in your notice at work.

    47. Or even booking time off for a holiday.

    48. Booking a doctor's appointment for anything less than a terminal illness.

    49. Coughing or sneezing during a two-minute silence.

    50. Stalling your car at a junction, whether there's someone behind you or not.

    51. When you feel yourself being in the way of an item someone wants in the supermarket.

    52. Not having a light when a smoker asks for one, even though you hate smoking.

    53. Drinking slower than your friends.

    54. Drinking faster than your friends.

    55. Leaving a small independent shop without buying anything.

    56. Having to be the one who says, "Could you move down a bit please?"

    57. Leaving work on time.

    58. Cancelling on a friend to stay at home and watch Bake Off.

    59. Accidentally organising something when Bake Off is on.

    60. Allowing someone to think you cooked that M&S meal from scratch.

    61. When you get served before someone in the queue for the bar who was clearly there before you.

    62. When you dare not look up while on the tube in case there is someone who clearly deserves to sit down more than you.

    63. Centuries of colonialism.

    64. One Direction.

    65. Saying anything, to anyone, at any time.


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