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24 Everyday Problems Only Skinny Guys Will Understand

You may be skinny, but you're not alone.

1. "Wow, you're really skinny." Yep. Thanks for that.

2. Though in an ideal world you'd probably react differently.

3. Clothes can be a nightmare. You find trousers with the right waist, but the length is always a few inches short.

4. Or you find a jacket that fits your chest, only to find the sleeves look like this.

5. But you can't go up a size, because you end up looking like Chandler circa 1996.

6. And the worst is when you have to wear a wetsuit or life jacket, and even the smallest size is too loose.

7. People (especially parents) are always asking if you're eating properly.

8. In actual fact, this is an average evening.

9. Whenever you go home your mum is constantly trying to make you eat.

10. It gets old, fast.

11. But to shut them up you make a concerted effort. You do weights.

12. (Which isn't easy as gyms can be pretty bad for giving you an inferiority complex.)

13. You drink disgusting protein shakes.

14. Eat all the chicken you can get your hands on.

15. And go to extreme lengths.

16. You even follow some pretty patronising workout routines.

17. And six months later, you've lost two pounds.

18. Being smaller than average you're always the first to get drunk.

19. For some reason being skinny makes you much less graceful when it comes to dancing.

20. Another problem that people don't understand - you can't wear a watch without looking ridiculous.

21. Because you're small you're always being asked to squeeze through gaps that other people can't get in.

22. And it's almost impossible to get comfy when sat on a firm chair.

23. Lacking natural insulation means you're always cold, which is really annoying.

24. But not as annoying as people pointing out how skinny you are.