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26 Times "Cards Against Humanity" Was Almost Too Perfect

In Cards Against Humanity, there are ONLY wrong answers.

1. This realisation that has come to us all.

2. And this one, which hopefully hasn't.

3. The time you realised you don't always have to be offensive to win.

4. This depressing prophecy.

5. When the blank card finally became useful.

6. And again...

7. When you pretty much had to stand up and applaud.

8. The time it suddenly became very real.

9. Seriously. This game knows you.

10. It also knows puns.

11. And poetry.

12. And maths.

13. The time it said what many people were too scared to.

14. Or when it pretty much summed up the most recent Transformers movie plotline.

15. The time you regretted playing it with your family.

16. When you got really hungry.

17. When you felt bad for a bit but then realised you don't care for mimes so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

18. When it made a valid point.

19. The time it stopped being fun.

20. The time it gave you genuinely useful advice.

21. Or when it went all political.

22. And prepared you for office.

23. When the stars alligned.

24. :(

25. The time you really wanted to buy this album.

26. And when you quietly put down the cards and got on with your terrible life.