25 Terrifying Examples Of Anarchy In The UK

It’s hard out here for a Brit.

1. This bad ass.

2. This guy who laughs in the face of words like “FORBIDDEN” or “TRICTLY”.

3. These sheep.

4. The local council who decides who is free and who isn’t.

5. This thirsty anarchist.

6. This VW owner who’ll park wherever the hell they want.

7. This girl who won’t be told when to drink her tea.

8. This rebel without a cause.

9. This person who doesn’t need a kettle to tell them how much is too much.

10. This student who’ll go on to bring down society. Probably.

11. The guy who ignores rules like “please keep feet off the seats” and “don’t wear white socks when you’re a grown up”.

12. This fly tipper who doesn’t respond to threats.

13. The graffiti artist who made anyone who saw this message on the back of a toilet door in Liverpool Street Station tremble with fear.

14. This guy who clearly doesn’t care that beheadings are a thing at the Tower of London.

15. The guy who’ll look where he wants to look.

16. These smokers.

17. The baddest cello player in the whole damn town.

18. This guy who was caught in the act on Google Street View — we can only assume the police finally caught up with him and he’s currently serving a twenty stretch.

19. This monster who doesn’t care for seasoning.

20. This bartender who decides what a pint is.

21. This very polite criminal.

22. Whoever left this trolley at Manchester Airport.

23. This guy who is currently on Britain’s top ten most wanted list.

24. This person who took their life into their own hands.

25. And finally the man who made his opinion on signs perfectly clear.

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Robin Edds is editor-at-large at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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