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    27 British People Who Must Be Stopped

    But the rest of us are just lovely. Promise.

    1. This guy who really likes winter.


    2. This Peri-Peri naughty boy.

    3. This unlucky fella.

    4. These looters who are waiting patiently.


    5. This student.


    6. This guy who makes his own rules.

    7. Mr Jones.

    8. This guy who's been working on his base tan.


    9. This mother-to-be.

    10. Snow White.

    11. The driver who thought this was an adequate solution.

    12. This student who stapled his testicles after losing at FIFA.


    13. This hungry young man.


    14. This news reporter who picked up a pack of paper thinking it was his iPad.


    15. Whoever did this.

    16. This Hampstead resident.

    17. This commuter ruining everyone's day.

    18. This woman who definitely isn't a pirate.

    19. This person who shouldn't be trusted to be allowed near birds. Or barbecues.

    20. This guy who really needs to stop digging.

    21. The owner of this car.

    22. Gavin Henson.

    23. This lovable little scamp.

    Via Sunday Sport

    24. This frustrated gamer.

    25. This guy who probably had to answer a few questions.


    26. This councillor.


    27. And finally this woman, who actually didn't need to stop at all.


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