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18 "Breaking Bad" Callbacks From Season 1 Of "Better Call Saul"

Anyone fancy a trip to Belize?

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3. If you thought the guy Jimmy bumped into in this bathroom looked familiar, you'd be right...

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The Better Call Saul Insider Podcast tells us that not only is it the same actor who helped Walt, Mike and Jesse make a giant magnet, it was actually intended to be the same character!


5. And these shot choices can't have been a coincidence.

10. The bartender back in Chicago tells Mike to be on the lookout for tarantulas in ABQ.


This one might be a push, but it seems naive to suggest Vince Gilligan and co. wouldn't have written the word "tarantula" into the script without thinking of poor old Drew Sharp.


12. Looking back to our first introduction to Saul, he assumes his abduction has something to do with "Ignacio".

Ignacio being Nacho's full name.


16. Jimmy's attack on a bin wasn't the first time we'd seen someone react this way around metal objects.

Obviously there are people out there who think some of these are a bit of a stretch. But there's no way you can see this and not understand the genius of both shows...