18 "Breaking Bad" Callbacks From Season 1 Of "Better Call Saul"

    Anyone fancy a trip to Belize?

    1. From the very first shot of Better Call Saul, it became apparent that Breaking Bad callbacks would be a reccurring feature of the show.

    Not that we were surprised, what with Breaking Bad being just about the cleverest TV show of all time.

    2. Remember Saul's tale about a certain former conquest?

    The Better Call Saul season finale showed us that he really was telling the truth.

    3. If you thought the guy Jimmy bumped into in this bathroom looked familiar, you'd be right...

    4. You always kind of figured this would happen at some point.

    5. And these shot choices can't have been a coincidence.

    6. We also found out where Jimmy acquired the ring that would go on to be one of Saul's trademarks.

    7. There were more examples of people seeing murder as an act of mercy.

    8. The Insider Podcast also told us that the nurse who looked after Brock is the same one who looked after Chuck years earlier.

    9. Better Call Saul showed us that Mike has been frequenting this diner for years.

    10. The bartender back in Chicago tells Mike to be on the lookout for tarantulas in ABQ.

    RIP Drew! 💔

    11. Some have suggested that the key fob Walt uses to take down Jack and his friends in "Felina" turned up years earlier in Chuck's postbox.

    12. Looking back to our first introduction to Saul, he assumes his abduction has something to do with "Ignacio".

    13. In the BCS season opener we see Jimmy walking toward a car that bears a striking resemblance to the one Saul drives in Breaking Bad.

    Sadly it turns out not to be his. One day...

    14. We also see Jimmy's windscreen smash.

    Which was something of a running joke in Breaking Bad.

    15. Jimmy's cheque from the court shows that he lives on the same street as Gale Boetticher.

    RIP GALE!!! 💔😔😭💔😔😭💔😔😭💔😔😭💔😔😭💔

    16. Jimmy's attack on a bin wasn't the first time we'd seen someone react this way around metal objects.

    17. Of course it turns out that the nail salon he tried to get Jesse to invest in in Breaking Bad...

    ...was so familiar to Saul because it was once his office AND home.

    18. And remember when Walt said this to Saul?

    There was a time when he wouldn't have thought this was such a bad idea.

    Though obviously we're very happy that (as yet) Saul, Jimmy, AND Cinnabon manager Gene have managed to avoid ending up in "Belize".

    Obviously there are people out there who think some of these are a bit of a stretch. But there's no way you can see this and not understand the genius of both shows...