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    The 31 Most Awkwardly British Things That Have Ever Happened

    Land of hope and glory (and a WHOLE lot of awkwardness).

    1. The time Google accidentally linked to this image.

    2. These Facebook statuses.

    3. The time Teresa May did this.

    4. This question.

    5. When Completely Shaven Man was just misunderstood.

    6. This response, albeit from a parody account.

    7. This terrible excuse.

    8. When this elderly lady illegally used the cycle lane.

    9. This great example of investigative journalism.

    'Where's Jack Whitehall?' Um...right fucking there, you dunce hack.

    10. The reason that Robbie Savage didn't get signed by Sunderland.

    11. This typo that couldn't have come at a worse time (but was fixed in the late edition).

    12. This Ascot attendee.

    13. And this poorly thought through threat.

    14. The time Ryan Giggs definitely sat in the wrong place.

    15. And this juxtaposition wasn't much better.

    16. This photo op.

    17. This tragic tale.

    18. The most middle class correction of all time.

    19. This distressing choice.

    20. The village that we'd rather not visit, thank you very much.

    21. When this guy who was just trying to do his job got a dildo in the ear.

    22. The time these two wished they'd sat anywhere else on the train.

    23. The time that we got to peak Jeremy Kyle.

    24. This exchange.

    25. The most pointless bit of construction you'll ever see.

    26. The time B&Q got a bit weird.

    27. When poor old June didn't see it coming.

    28. This unfortunate coincidence.

    29. When this advertising campaign inevitably ended this way.

    30. The time the BBC's automatic subtitling system got it more than a little wrong.

    31. And pretty much any time something like this happens.