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This New “Game Of Thrones” Scene Will Change How You View The Trailer

New footage tells us a little more about what was going on during ~that~ scene in the trailer.

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When the trailer for Game of Thrones Season 6 dropped a few weeks ago there was little argument about its most exciting moment.


After saying this pretty fucking great line Ser Davos drew his sword and the trailer promptly faded to black, making it look like he was about to fight the people who were in the room with him. However, new footage shows that this isn't actually what's happening at all.

In this brand new scene that was exclusive to Conan, we find out that the Onion Knight isn't quite as lonely as we thought.

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Conan / TBS / HBO

First up we get this shot of Davos talking to some brothers of the Night's Watch, as a very much alive Ghost stands next to the very much dead body of his owner.

Conan / TBS / HBO

After the trailer there were people who thought it looked like Ghost had also been killed, so it's nice to know they were wrong. 🐺

Then we have the whole "apologies for what you're about to see" bit that we saw in the trailer, however this time we see that once everyone has drawn their swords, they all turn their attention to the locked door.

Conan / TBS / HBO

So Ser Davos is actually friends with the people in this room. Phew. That probably wouldn't have gone well if he wasn't. So who's on the other side of that door?


Next we have another moment that we saw in the trailer, but until now we didn't know what was going on.

Conan / TBS / HBO

On Thorne's command this beardy chap starts trying to break down the door. But why? Well, everyone at the Wall knows that once someone has died you need to burn the body to prevent it from turning into a wight. This begs the question, what does Ser Davos know (or think he knows) that means he wants to stop Snow's body from being burned? 💃

Time for a terrifying but utterly badass Ghost close-up, and some excellent playing dead from Kit Harington.

Conan / TBS / HBO

Ghost has been criminally underused in the first five seasons, so let's hope this is a sign of things to come.

Finally beardy man's axe does the job, and the door is broken.

Conan / TBS / HBO

At this point, sadly, the scene comes to an end. But given how excited we are by 50 seconds of footage, we have a feeling it'll be worth waiting another two weeks for the whole episode.