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An Exhaustive Rundown Of Every Single Death In "Breaking Bad"

Warning: Massive spoilers, and quite a lot of blood. Only read this if you've finished the final season.

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12. 167 unnamed passengers on two planes.

AMC via Netflix.

Episode: Season 2, Episode 13

Cause of death: The flights collided because Donald Margolis wasn't focusing on his job as an air traffic controller because of Jane's death. So basically it was all Walt's fault (for a change).


34. Gus, Hector Salamaca, and Tyrus Kitt.

AMC via Netflix

Episode: Season 4, Episode 13

Cause of death: Blown up by Hector Salamanca using a bomb that Walt created and attached to Hector's wheelchair.

46. Kenny and five other white supremacist gang members.

AMC via Netflix

Episode: Season 5, Episode 16

Cause of death: Shot by Walt's DIY machine gun contraption that appeared from the trunk of his car.


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