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33 Jokes Only People Who Watched "Lost" Will Find Funny

What do you call a polar bear in the jungle?

1. Hipster Faraday:

2. The look on this unlucky passenger's face:

3. This inevitable mashup:

4. Everything about this YouTube comment:

5. This joke for kids that surely wasn't a coincidence:

6. The first bad guy who actually did what he said he'd do:

7. This sign:

8. These pretty cool neighbours:

9. This phone case:

10. The reason Boone had to die:

11. This graffiti:

12. This wordplay:

13. Jacob's rules:

14. Hatch cake:

15. The only English word Jin knows:

16. This ad:

17. This bored DIY shop worker:

18. This exchange:

19. The greatest Facebook comment of all time:

20. This milestone:

21. Sassy Ben:

22. This T-shirt:

23. The combination of room key and flight number that would make you say "NOPE":

24. This Twitter user's stats.

25. This pun:

26. This:

27. Desmond's excellent dad joke:

28. This explanation:

29. This very good point:

30. Michael's appearance in Finding Walt:

31. This cake:

32. This answer that is definitely correct:

33. And finally, this: