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29 Things Britain Is Better At Than Everyone Else

It's almost enough to make you proud. Almost.

1. Politics:

2. Parenting:

My son wanted me to buy him a ball pit to play in but they're too expensive. So I made him one. Top fun!!!

3. Typos:

To the BBC Text Producer who put this on screen: Let's just forget our rivalry for a second & hug it out. It's okay.

4. Regional news:

5. Debates:

6. Fine dining:

7. Admitting our mistakes:

Political apology in the Sun today.

8. Protests:

9. Selfies:

10. The news:

11. Naming pubs:

12. Naming roads:

13. Naming people:

Good bit of nominative determinism on @BBCBreakfast here.

14. Panicking:

Anyone seen any belters in their local news recently? The more fucking crazy or pointless the better.

15. Maturity:

16. Being the absolute worst on public transport:

17. Being the absolute best on public transport:

18. Complaining about public transport:

19. Being hipsters:

20. Generosity:

21. Local rivalries:

22. Logic:

23. Flags:

The best flag ever at Glastonbury..@garylineker

24. Puns:

25. Subtitles:

If you shout a lot of rude words really quickly, the BBC subtitling machine has a “panic setting” #KanyeWest #Glasto

26. Multiculturalism:

27. Timing:

Well, this is unfortunate. (via @g_fonne)

28. Innovation:

Jeans as a lead... #onlyinleeds @LeedsProbs

29. Poetry: