This Woman Makes Incredible Edible Art With Rice Krispies

    Snap, crackle, pop.

    New Yorker Jessica Siskin has built a business selling elaborately decorated Rice Krispie treats on her Instagram account, Mr. Krisp.

    Like this elegant cheese platter:

    Or these edible emoticons:

    When she first had the idea last November, Siskin was working for the NYC-based fashion brand Elizabeth and James, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's collection of designer clothing and handbags.

    When she was tasked one night with bringing a dessert to a friend's potluck, she decided to make a Rice Krispie treat. "I honestly don’t know how to make anything else," Siskin told BuzzFeed.

    After the surfboard proved a huge hit with her friends, Siskin got the idea to make a cheeseburger made of Rice Krispies.

    What began as a hobby has since become a profitable full-time business, which Siskin named Mr. Krisp after a character in Sister Act Two.

    Siskin's krisp creations are often inspired by her background in high fashion– for instance, this ultra-chic Harper's Bazaar krisp.




    Or this krisp Hermès Birkin bag.

    ..."Crisp des Garçons."

    Other times, she references pop culture with her treats.

    But most often, the krisps masquerade as other foods.

    "because everything tastes better when it's made of rice krisp treat. except pizza," reads the account's bio.

    Siskin plans to launch a full website eventually but says that Instagram has been instrumental to her success.

    Rock on.