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    The 17 Worst People Every Waiter Will Inevitably Serve

    If you can check all of these off, it's time to switch professions.

    1. The Power Luncher

    2. The Table of "21 Year Olds"

    3. The Table with Pets

    4. The Huge Group of Teenagers

    5. The Gluten-Free Vegan With Lots of Questions

    6. The Europeans With No Concept of Turn Over

    7. The Unwelcome Flirter

    8. The Awkward Couple

    9. The After Church Crowd

    10. The Refill King/Queen

    11. The Picky Eater

    12. The Amnesiac

    13. The People You Know But Are Not Friends With

    14. The Table With Unruly Children

    15. The Birthday Dinner

    16. The People Who Made it "Just in Time"

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    17. The Snapper/Clapper/Doer of Absolutely Anything That Isn't Saying "Excuse Me" To Get Your Attention