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The Definitive Ranking Of Drinking Games For Tailgating

'Tis the season.

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14. Power Hour

Description: Each participant takes a shot of beer every minute for an hour.

Difficulty: More or less as simple as sitting quietly.

Verdict: Depends. If you have an awesome group of people that's committed to the cause and a well-curated, 60-song playlist (the song changes every minute), then this can be pretty fun. But more often, it devolves into people giving up on the "drink every minute" rule (incidentally, the only rule in the game) and complaining that the song keeps changing before their "favorite part."

13. Quarters

Description: You try to bounce quarters into empty cups.

Difficulty: You try to bounce quarters into empty cups.

Verdict: You try to bounce quarters into empty cups. Like, that's the game.

12. Keg Stands

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Description: Chug beer upside down for as long as you can, or if you're competing against someone, until your blurred peripheral vision suggests that the other person has given up.

Difficulty: It requires moderate upper body strength and the ability to breathe beer.

Verdict: Vaguely similar to waterboarding.

11. Watching Someone Else Do a Keg Stand While Comfortably Drinking at Your Own Pace


Description: You watch with interest as a friend or even a complete stranger is hoisted into the air by fratbros, and then cheer as they chug beer from the keg nozzle.

Difficulty: N/A

Verdict: Preferable to doing a keg stand, not preferable to drinking without watching a keg stand.


10. Beer Die/Snappa

Description: This game is confusing and I won't pretend to fully understand it. It involves tossing a die across a 2ft x 8ft "beer die" table (where one might get that is anyone's guess) and trying to successfully bounce it off the defender's end of the table without them catching it. There are also rules about tossing the die above a predetermined height, not saying the numbers "5" and "7," and a ton of other things. If you want to learn those, check this out.

Difficulty: 1st year of law school.

Verdict: This is the international game of guys who take themselves too seriously. That said, those guys eat, sleep, and breathe Snappa, so I guess it's doing something right.

9. Sink The Biz

Description: There's a glass cup floating in a bucket filled with beer. Each person tries to add as much beer to the glass cup as he or she can in order to screw over the next person, and when someone finally sinks it, they have to down the full cup.

Difficulty: The most difficult part is finding a proper bucket if you're not at Nick's English Hut, where the game was invented.

Verdict: It requires absolutely no skill or thought, but it's pretty fun.

8. Beer Pong

Description: Everyone knows how to play this one.

Difficulty: Requires very few materials and you don't have to explain it to newcomers if they've ever seen a teen movie.

Verdict: It's a classic, but so is Citizen Kane. Do you want to watch Citizen Kane?

7. Drinking Cornhole

Description: This is more of a "drink while playing" game than a drinking game, but that kind of makes it even better. Each team attempts to toss bean bags into the opposing team's "cornhole." Players must drink for each point scored against them.

Difficulty: Requires hand eye coordination.

Verdict: This won't get you aggressively drunk (unless you play with modified rules), but is a perfectly apt daytime beer sport.


6. KanJam

Description: Though fairly similar, KanJam edges out Cornhole slightly because teammates can help one another by deflecting throws into the opposing team's goal, making it a bit more active. The drinking version requires that you have a drink in one hand at all times, which makes tossing/deflecting much more difficult but also hilarious. Here's a full description of the non-drinking version, which I guess could be fun too.

Difficulty: Easy to learn, difficult to play well.

Verdict: Extremely fun if you're good at it.

5. Shotgunning

Description: Essentially chugging a can of beer from a hole you cut with a key instead of the hole that it came with.

Difficulty: For some, insanely easy. For others, it's like teaching a turtle to pole vault.

Verdict: There's something wonderfully primal about racing to chug beer from a jagged hole that you cut yourself.

4. Sloshball

Description: It's essentially kickball with beer.

Difficulty: Just pay attention when the rules are explained.

Verdict: Guaranteed to end in at least one minor injury, guaranteed to be completely worth it. Sloshball is perfect for an active tailgate that's taking place in like an open field. But if you're in a gravel parking lot surrounded by other cars, skip it.

3. Dizzy Bat

Description: Chug a full beer from the holding end of a wiffle ball bat as onlookers count out loud. Then, spin with your forehead on the bat for as long as it took you to chug the beer. Finally, try to hit the empty can being pitched at you with the bat.

Difficulty: That's about all there is to it, but it takes a few tries to figure out.

Verdict: A raucously fun, albeit nauseating time.


2. Flip Cup

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Description: This game is a speed relay. Divide into 2 equal teams, each person with a half-cup of beer in front of them. Each person must chug the beer in front of them and then successfully flip the cup using the proper method before the next team member can begin.

Difficulty: Very simple in theory but requires some skill.

Verdict: One of the few beer sports that forces players to drink more often and quickly than they probably would were they not playing a game. LOOKING AT YOU PONG.

1. Slap Cup

Description: It basically involves chugging beer, bouncing ping pong balls into empty solo cups, and slapping slower player's cups from out in front of them. Those are the basics, but read a full description here.

Difficulty: Sounds more complicated than it actually is.

Verdict: Does anyone NOT enjoy this game??? It's like the ideal beer game for any competitive person. It's fast-paced, you're constantly drinking, and you get to slap people's cups off the table and scream throughout. EVERYTHING YOU COULD ASK FOR FROM BEER. THANK YOU SLAP CUP FOR ALL YOU HAVE GIVEN US.