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    16 College Town Foods Worth Skipping Class For

    I was gonna go to class, but then I got lunch.

    1. AMHERST COLLEGE: BBQ Chicken Ranch Pizza from Antonio's

    @AntoniosPizza3 never fails to complete my day

    Jonathon Mota@Jonathon_Mota

    @AntoniosPizza3 never fails to complete my day

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    WHERE: Antonio's Pizza in Amherst, MA

    WHAT TO ORDER: BBQ Chicken Ranch Pizza

    2. DUKE UNIVERSITY: Breakfast Sandwiches from Monuts Donuts

    3. GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY: The Chicken Madness from Wisey's

    4. HARVARD UNIVERSITY: The Grilled Chicken Sandwich from Crema Cafe

    WHERE: Crema Cafe in Cambridge, MA

    WHAT TO ORDER: Grilled Chicken Sandwich (grilled chicken, corn, avocado, and Cotija creme)

    5. INDIANA UNIVERSITY: Sink the Biz Fries from Nick's English Hut

    6. OHIO UNIVERSITY: The OU Bagel from Bagel Street Deli

    Yelp / Via

    WHERE: Bagel Street Deli in Athens, OH

    WHAT TO ORDER: The OU Bagel (Yep, that's bacon.)

    7. RHODES COLLEGE: BBQ Nachos from Central BBQ

    8. RUTGERS UNIVERSITY: The "Fat Darrell" from RU Hungry

    Robyn Lee/Serious Eats / Via

    WHERE: RU Hungry in New Brunswick, NJ

    WHAT TO ORDER: A "Fat Darrell" (chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, marinara sauce, AND french fries. Definitely part of the core curriculum.)

    9. SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY: BBQ and Mac and Cheese from Dinosaur BBQ

    10. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY: Pizza from Cheeseboard Collective

    http://CarolynJung/ / Via

    WHERE: Cheeseboard Collective in Berkeley, CA

    WHAT TO ORDER: You don't have a choice. These guys make one type of pizza each day, and it's always amazing.


    Flickr/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: igorothighlander

    WHERE: Freebirds in Santa Barbara, CA

    WHAT TO ORDER: Known for its HUGE burritos, but the nachos here are also incredible.

    12. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA: Jerk Chicken from Kelly's Authentic Jamaican Food

    Facebook: Kellys-Authentic-Jamaican-Food

    WHERE: Kelly's Authentic Jamaican Food in Athens, GA

    WHAT TO ORDER: Jerk Chicken and Cornbread (at the very least)

    13. UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN: The Cowboy Reuben from Zingerman's Delicatessen

    WHERE: Zingerman's Deli in Ann Arbor, Michigan

    WHAT TO ORDER: The Cowboy Reuben (BBQ'ed beef brisket with coleslaw and provolone cheese on a grilled Paesano roll)

    14. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE: Cheese Bings from Goal Post Tavern

    Kathryn Jasper / Via

    WHERE: Goal Post Tavern in Knoxville, TN

    WHAT TO ORDER: Cheese Bings (the love child of tater tots and mozzarella sticks, filled with 100% cheddar cheese)

    15. UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS, AUSTIN: Eggs Francisco from Kerbey Lane Cafe

    WHERE: Kerbey Lane in Austin, Texas

    WHAT TO ORDER: Eggs Francisco (scrambled eggs, bacon, avocado, tomatoes, and Queso dip on an English muffin)

    16. VASSAR AND MARIST COLLEGES: Sandwich from Rossi's Deli