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Someone Combined Red Lobster And Chick-Fil-A To Make The Ultimate Chicken Biscuit

"Every once in awhile a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything." —Steve Jobs

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This, friends, is a cheddar chicken biscuit. It is 50% Red Lobster cheddar bay biscuit, 50% Chick-Fil-A fried chicken filet, 100% OMGHOWHASTHISNOTBEENDONEBEFORE.

Kunaal Arya

It is sold at neither Chick-Fil-A nor Red Lobster, but rather came into existence out of the sheer willpower of three San Francisco residents.

It all began when three friends discussed taking a road trip out of San Francisco so that they could eat at Red Lobster.

Kunaal Arya

(San Jose is not eight hours away from San Francisco. This is comedic hyperbole.)


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