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17 People Who Actually Love Bacon Too Much

Love is patient. Love is kind.

1. This woman who won't tolerate bad behavior:

2. This dude who needs to sort out his priorities:

3. This man who has a legacy to uphold:

4. This badass:

5. This woman who found out the hard way:

6. This person who is living a lie:

7. This dude:

8. This person who thinks bacon bits grow on trees:

9. This emotional eater:

10. This woman who writes her own rules:

11. This person who is single and not yet ready to mingle:

12. This woman who will always remember her first love:

13. This student–teacher pair:

14. This hungry lady:

15. This man who figured out a very usual life hack:

16. This girl with an Oscar Mayer gift registry:

17. And this woman who only has eyes for bacon:

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