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    • robertwm

      Reading comprehension is a good. I did say that even if you reject the original number, 20:1 (that is less than half) is still really bad odds. I’m way older than 17.9 years and I don’t expect that someone will break into my house. It has happened a number of times but the point, again, is that the likely thing to happen is injury to you or one of yours not the devastating shoot out in which you brandish your weapon and defeat the forces of evil. A much more likely thing is that you or one of yours gets damaged in defense attempts or in between the break-ins, your or someone else’s child finds the gun which you failed to secure and shoots you or a neighbor’s child etc. Those are the odds. They suck. Unlike TV, when you or your child is shot it is a permanent thing. No coming back next week for the sequel, putting a bandage one it and gritting your teeth. That is the reality.

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