7 Things That Do Not Make New York Special

Here’s how the rest of the country responds to New Yorkers when they discuss the following items.

7. Small Apartments

“Oh you’d rather live somewhere bigger? There’s a club for people like that, it’s called ‘everyone.’”

6. Anthony Weiner

“A creepy Jewish flightless bird is going to get 10% in the Democratic primary, congrats.”

5. New York Weather

“Believe it or not you do not have exclusive claim to meteorology.”

4. The Subway

“You mean you have to commute to work and it’s sometimes inconvenient? No way, that never happens!”

3. Citibikes

“Oh wow, people on bikes, thanks for introducing that to the world.”

2. Cronuts

“I could wait in line for 4 hours to get a dessert or I could just go to my mom’s house and she’d make me a pie. For free!”

1. Lena Dunham

“Seriously, who the fuck is this person?”

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