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    • robertthugxnastym

      honestly a lot of this stuff about white people are true. But, it I don’t think it is white privilege. I think it’s just how our culture and community have perceived things to be. If a black man kills a white man in South Africa he will be “not guilty”. But, if the opposite happens their the offender is guilty. The first “white privilege” that you’ve shown is a result of culture manipulation.
      In criminal justice classes they encourage future police officers to racial profile. Which I wish won’t be the case. But, I guess “your more likely to drug deal in a ghetto than in the suburbs”. The second “white privilege” you showed isn’t true because they can mock the death of a white person. It’s embarrassing to white people like me who see beyond race to see this. Who cares if Treyvon Martin is black? At the end of the day he is a human being and that’s all that should matter. The third “white privilege” however is true because of the community being manipulated to this state of mind. White people will never be racially profiled or wrongly accused of a crime because of the complexion of their skin. People tend to put too much importance on race. We all fail to realize that were all just one. The fourth “white privilege” is also true. They won’t be surprised because the media gives white people a reputation of being “civilized” even though back in the middle ages and during the crusades Europeans were dirty, illiterate, bible waving motherfuckers. The fifth white privilege is a primitive statistic. Today there are more black people in college than in prison. But, think of how the media portrays black people. That’s really all I have to say about this. I wasn’t really offended because I saw were you were coming from. Some of the stuff you pointed out was true and I had to be real about that because I wont feel complete if I wasn’t.

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