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    • Robertssim

      1. No, it’s actually you who doesn’t understand. Children won’t be given the same rights as adults (like to enter intoalegal contract) because they’re too young to fully understand what they’re getting into. Where there are some 8-year-olds who could understand the most complicated legalese and some 40-year-olds don’t understand the Miranda rights, there has to be an age set somewhere to strikeabalance. Hence the age of majority.

      2. Homosexuals just want the same rights any other person does: to marry the person they love. “All men are created equal…” AmIright? No? So the founding fathers are wrong too,Isuppose.

      3. …Yeah, because my name is Simone Roberts. What “cope”? Are you really so hard done by? And where did you get 96% from? Studies have suggested that between 10-20% of the population is gay, or at the very least, has homosexual tendencies. Andawhole lot more of us who are heterosexual want this for our friends. So really, it’s only the bigots like you who would have to “cope”, even though it would have zero impact on your daily life.

      4. You’re the one who brought up surrogates. Infertile people often use surrogates. Often, so do gay couples. It’savery similar circumstance, since the surrogate is used becauseacouple can’t conceiveachild together, regardless of physiological reason.

      5. You really havealack of faith in the species, don’t you?7billion people,amajority of which is living in what could be considered polite society, and we’re doomed? To what? Extinction? Anarchy? Living lives you don’t approve of?Ihave little faith in humanity, but more because of people like you.

      You’re the one who said “At least orphans or children born out of wedlock were produced by people who actually felt some passion for eachother.” Yet, conveniently for you, you exclude rape. And no, one-night stands don’t always have two-way passion. Maybe you should stop watching movies. “If your kid does have your genes, it’s not yours.”
      SomehowIthink there’satypo there…
      Ijust love the fact you completely ignored the factIcalled you out on your grievous insult to adoptees/adopters.Iguess you are absolutely fucking ashamed of yourself for that load of bullshit. As you should be. What assumptions haveImade about you that are wrong? Enlighten me, please. Because the only assumptions I’ve made are that you’readisgusting, narrow-minded, selfish bigot. Seems pretty spot-on to me. Nature wins in the end?Iagree. Which is why the species and civilized society will continue to thrive once gay marriage is legal. It already is in some European countries and Canada, and they seem to be doing just fine. Go figure.

    • Robertssim

      Hm. You’re an even bigger idiot thanIthought. But, these will be my last thoughts on the matter, becauseIdon’t feel like wasting my time much more withacomplete waste of skin like you, so don’t bother responding. 1. Ever hear of the concept of consenting adults?Idon’t even givearat’s ass about polygamy, as long as it’s with consenting ADULTS. Get it? IfIhave 10 menIwant to marry, or hell, even 10 women, if we’re all consenting adultsIdon’t seeaproblem.

      2. Figures you would use the word “communist” to insult someone who disagrees with you. Needs trump wants, fine. You don’t need to get married any more thanagay person does. Also, I’d be surprised if your children aren’t confused, but maybe they spew the same vitriolic nonsense you do. God help them if they turn out to be gay.

      3. Funny that it seems you assume I’magay man. I’m actuallyabisexual woman (married toaman, though), so yeah,Ican already say “my husband”. Yes, gay men should also have that right. Gay women should have the right to say “my wife”. They should have the right toamarriage certificate, just as my husband andI(both atheists, in case you wanted to bring god into it) do. Why? Because this is the last accepted form of discrimination, and technically, discrimination based on sexual orientation is illegal.

      4. “Veiled child thievery”? That’s about the dumbest thing I’ve heard one of you say. Yes, they need surrogates of one form or another. So doawhooooooole lot of people who deal with infertility.

      5. Homosexuality goes against nature? Tell that to the 1500 species that have been observed to exhibit homosexual activity. Besides, homosexuality has existed in humans since we began, yet civilized society not only was established, but thrives.

      “That’sabit like havingachild with someone who’s not your wife and then taking that child as your own, it hasahollow, shallow, empty, unpassionate feeling.”
      Wow. Way to completely insult everyone who’s ever adopted or been adopted. If you’re not absolutely fucking ashamed of yourself for that load of bullshit, you should be. Or does that only apply to homosexuals in your sick, twisted mind?

      “At least orphans or children born out of wedlock were produced by people who actually felt some passion for eachother.”
      And that’sapretty stupid thing to say too. Ever hear ofaone-night stand? Stupid things tend to happen at parties with booze… Or how about rape? Oh, right. You’re probably one of the people who agrees with Todd Akin and thinks women can’t get pregnant from rape.
      Ihate to tell you this… no actually,Ilove it, becauseIknow it upsets you… Despite all the screaming and moaning and crying you and your ilk love to do onamatter that does not concern you, gay marriage is happening. Times are changing for the better. Don’t like it? Then move toacountry that doesn’t pride itself on its freedoms, becauseIcan tell you this much: you’re losing this battle.

    • Robertssim

      You’re an idiot.
      1- People will never be able to marry what they want, because animals/children/inanimate objects can not legally enter intoacontract, and that’s all marriage is.
      2- Your children may be confused, but mine damn well know who they are and what they want, and they happen to want equality. Maybe yours are confused because they don’t understand why you’re being so mean to people who are of no consequence to you.
      3- Marriage grants rights that people otherwise would not have. And don’t harp on about civil unions. If it has the same rights, then the people in that union should have the right to call itamarriage, otherwise you’re just arguing against the right to useaword.
      4- Gay people can and do have kids all the time. They just tend to have them forabetter reason than that the condom broke.
      5- I’ve never heardabunch of losers cry so hard about something that has ZERO to do with them. So you know what? You grow up and mind your own damn business.

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