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    • robertp4c13c249c

      This is an incredibly brave, vulnerable article to write - thank you for your willingness to write so candidly.  Not to ignore the physical side (from the comments above it looks like there is a flood of support and resources), but having gone from being a fairly promiscuous 20-something to a very cautious 30-something (which has ruined or aborted several relationships due to my reluctance), I’ve found a lot of strength in how those in the religious vocations write about celibacy.  Obviously that’s not a perfect fit, but it hits on the question of how one approaches a loving, mutually satisfying adult relationship when the primary focus isn’t, or can’t be, intercourse. There’re some great writings out there on the subject - how you can develop a relationship without sex as the door-opener. I definitely believe it can happen; it’s definitely a tricky prospect when the vast majority of media perpetuates the idea that good relationships only start with banging.  Anyhow, what do I know? Have faith, and good luck.

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