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A look at last nights games in the NHL and the chase for Lord Stanley's Cup

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Boom! make me one for one with predictions in my young hockey blogging career!The Flyers west really showed up in beating the Sharks 5-2. Former Flyers Mike Richards and Jeff Carter showed up with a goal each and Anze Kopitar (known to many as Kopie, but I prefer Flowpitar) putting up three big points to vault themselves into a tie for 8th. Carter put in the empty netter to cement the win but lets be real, the leadership of Carter and Richards reached the cup finals with the Flyers and Sergei Bobrovsky, who can't even hold Jonathan Quick's (Quicksand) jock without having it fall into the net. What's to say these two don't reuinite with the same "chemistry destroying" leadership that got them to the Cup, then traded a year later? This big win pulls the Kings one point behind Dallas for the division title and home ice advantage in round one. Seriously, does anyone want to win this fucking division? It's just as abysmal as the southeast division, which teams 2-4 in the Atlantic and the Central divison are dying to suddenly be a part of. Second bold prediction of the year? With the Carter trade envigorating the offense, the Kings win the division and people from LA have another thing to be fake about.


Lets play a fun game called Crosby, Malkin, or Neal.

Player A: 3 Goals, 1 Assist, 1st Star

Player B: 0 Goals, 4 Assists. 3rd star

Player C: 2 Goals, 3 Assists, 2nd star

(A, Neal, B,Crosby, C Malkin)

Crosby had four assists which is great for him and the NHL, blah blah blah. The thing that sucks about Crosby's return? Somehow Malkin becomes a 2nd paragraph guy you read about in the box scores. James Neal throws up a Hatter, Malkin scores his NHL leading 93 point, making him a better playoff team than the Kings) and we first have to hear about Crosby's four assists. no disrespect to the Kid, but Malkin has been playing all season, and been playing out of his fucking skin out there to get the Pens four points out of first before Crosby came back. Let's give #71 the credit he deserves this season and take Sid's dicks out of our mouths for a moment. The final score against Winnipeg was 8-4 but with Fleury getting the scratch thats a game you need to score to win.

Phoenix at Dallas

This game went to a shootout with the Stars beating the Coyotes 4-3. The Stars now have sole possesion of first, by one point and the fourth place Sharks are only three points back. Ladies and Gentlemen this is going to be the sloppiest but hands down closest race for the playoffs amongst the divisions. Most teams will be fighting for seeding at best, but one loss by a team in the Pacific can make or break them. Fast forward the video below to 2:07 to see a great save by Kari Lehtonen.

Panthers at Flyers

HAHA Flyers lost! this game really doesn't mean much, as both are making the playoffs but it makes the Flyers chances to catch the Rangers and Penguins just a little bit harder.

Whats on Tonight!

The Rangers take on the Detriot Red Wings in a game neither wants to lose. The Rangers want to keep first place in the East, and the Wings want to improve seeding going forward. The Canuks and Blackhawks battle for more points and The Sabres take on the Canadaniens with 8th place in mind.

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