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    39 Signs You Might Be A Crazy Cat Lady

    Note: This article is easier to view if you remove cat from laptop.

    1. This is your favorite pair of shoes:

    2. This is your favorite lipstick:

    3. You own a sweater like this:

    4. This is how you brush your teeth:

    5. But you brush your teeth on your cat's schedule.

    6. Dish washing also revolves around your cat's agenda.

    7. This is your ideal home office:

    8. You don't own bookshelves for books. They're cat-holders.

    9. Your empty boxes are never empty for long.

    10. This is how you check your emails:

    11. This is how you read the morning paper.

    12. This is how you read books.

    13. This is you trying to wrap presents.

    14. And you only hang non-breakable ornaments on your Christmas tree.

    15. You are intimately familiar with these signs:

    16. You find yourself saying this a lot:

    17. All of your coffee mugs say something like this: / Via

    All of your mugs even come complete with cat hair.

    18. You judge people on whether or not they like cats.

    19. You have a Human-to-Cat-Translator app on your phone.

    20. You don't need this reminder: / Via

    But you still want this pillow on your couch. And your bed. And maybe one in the car.

    21. You would totally wear this: / Via

    But even if you wouldn't, your friends and family have still given you shirts like this as gifts.

    22. You cannot leave the house without doing this to your outfit.

    23. You've considered getthing this tattoo:

    24. match the tattoo you already have:

    25. Your phone and tablet cases all have pictures of your cat: / Via

    Or a cat you don't know. But definitely a cat.

    26. You have OCD:

    27. You know this song by heart. And sing it regularly:

    28. The back of your car looks like this:

    (But you're still singing soft kitty, aren't you?)

    29. Your jewelry resembles your cats:

    30. And this is how you store your rings:

    31. This is the look you get when trying to sleep in your own bed:

    32. You've become accustomed to the taste of cat hair.

    33. You own several cat harnesses. They're all gathering dust.

    34. You learned how to knit so you could make this:

    35. ...but you were never able to finish knitting it.

    36. You curse the inventor of packing peanuts.

    37. You can't stop watching this:

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    38. These eyes make you melt:

    39. And when you saw this: said, "Aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww."

    (You may now place cat back on keyboard.)