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    39 Signs You Might Be A Crazy Cat Lady

    Note: This article is easier to view if you remove cat from laptop.

    1. This is your favorite pair of shoes:

    2. This is your favorite lipstick:

    3. You own a sweater like this:

    4. This is how you brush your teeth:

    5. But you brush your teeth on your cat's schedule.

    6. Dish washing also revolves around your cat's agenda.

    7. This is your ideal home office:

    8. You don't own bookshelves for books. They're cat-holders.

    9. Your empty boxes are never empty for long.

    10. This is how you check your emails:

    11. This is how you read the morning paper.

    12. This is how you read books.

    13. This is you trying to wrap presents.

    14. And you only hang non-breakable ornaments on your Christmas tree.

    15. You are intimately familiar with these signs:

    16. You find yourself saying this a lot:

    17. All of your coffee mugs say something like this:

    18. You judge people on whether or not they like cats.

    19. You have a Human-to-Cat-Translator app on your phone.

    20. You don't need this reminder:

    21. You would totally wear this:

    22. You cannot leave the house without doing this to your outfit.

    23. You've considered getthing this tattoo:

    24. match the tattoo you already have:

    25. Your phone and tablet cases all have pictures of your cat:

    26. You have OCD:

    27. You know this song by heart. And sing it regularly:

    28. The back of your car looks like this:

    29. Your jewelry resembles your cats:

    30. And this is how you store your rings:

    31. This is the look you get when trying to sleep in your own bed:

    32. You've become accustomed to the taste of cat hair.

    33. You own several cat harnesses. They're all gathering dust.

    34. You learned how to knit so you could make this:

    35. ...but you were never able to finish knitting it.

    36. You curse the inventor of packing peanuts.

    37. You can't stop watching this:

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    38. These eyes make you melt:

    39. And when you saw this:

    (You may now place cat back on keyboard.)