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    25 Things You Didn't Know You Could Cook On A Waffle Iron

    Because who needs a frying pan, an oven, or a toaster? If you've got a waffle iron: you've got breakfast! (and dinner and dessert...)

    1. Waffle Eggs

    2. Waffle Zucchini and Squash

    3. Waffle Cinnamon Rolls

    4. Waffle Chocolate Cake

    5. Waffle Tater Tots

    6. Waffle Mashed Potatoes

    7. Waffle Doughnuts

    8. Waffle Grilled Cheese

    9. Waffle Scrambled Eggs

    10. Waffle Macaroni and Cheese

    11. Waffle Thanksgiving Stuffing with Gravy

    12. Waffle Pizza

    13. Waffle Chocolate Chip Cookies

    14. Waffle Cornbread

    15. Waffle French Toast

    16. Waffle Brownies

    17. Waffle Crab Cakes

    18. Waffle Bacon

    19. Waffle Biscuits

    20. Waffle Quesadillas

    21. Waffle Burgers

    22. Waffle Sweet Potato Home Fries

    23. Waffle Red Velvet Cake

    24. Waffle Hot Dogs

    25. Waffle Cupcakes