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Superman’s America: Top 5 Man Of Steel Locations

It’s a big year for Clark Kent—not only is the new Superman movie, Man of Steel, coming out this year, it’s also the 75th anniversary of the first Superman comic being published! Here are 5 Man of Steel locations you can visit in America:

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The Daily Planet


The Daily News Building in New York City served as the inspiration for the comic book’s Daily Planet building (minus the giant globe on top) and was even the filming location of The Daily Planet in the 1978 Superman film. Wander into the lobby and keep an eye out for Lois Lane!

Buntzen Lake from Smallville


The popular TV show Smallville, which ran from 2001-2011, told the story of a young Clark Kent and the events leading up to his becoming Superman. The filming location for Crater Lake (the mysterious, meteorite-filled lake where Smallville residents often swam) was at Buntzen Lake in British Columbia. Take a dip yourself, but don’t be surprised if you emerge from your swim with super powers!

The Super Museum


Located in (where else?) Metropolis, Illinois, this museum, located across the street from the giant statue of Superman in Superman Square, contains over 20,000 Superman-related items. Owner Jim Hambrick as been actively collecting since 1959. He originally lived in California and owned a traveling Superman exhibit. In 1985, he decided his collection belonged in Superman’s hometown, Metropolis, and the museum opened there in 1993.

Birthplace of Superman


The house where Superman creator Jerry Siegel came up with the idea for the Man of Steel is still standing in Cleveland, OH. Even though it’s a private residence (please don’t trespass!) you can still see a Superman logo hanging on the fence. Kimberely Avenue now has the honorary name “Jerry Siegel Lane”, and intersecting street Parkwood also goes by “Lois Lane”.

Superman - Ride of Steel


If you need something a little more daring, then why not fly like Superman? The Ride of Steel, a Superman-themed rollercoaster at Six Flags America in Maryland brings us mere mortals as close to flight as possible. Six Flags New England also has a mirror-image rollercoaster called Bizarro, after the Superman villain. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…a rollercoaster!

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