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Friendly Shark Hotspots Across The U.S

Everyone’s all excited about Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, but what about hopping off the couch, and seeing these bad boys first hand? Here's a list of friendly shark hotspots that’ll help you become a shark expert in no time, without the risk of being, you know, eaten or anything.

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1. Birch Aquarium – San Diego


The Historic Birch Aquarium in San Diego, California has a massive shark display, including swell sharks, nurse sharks, leopard sharks, and white tip reef sharks. Birch also sometimes host snorkeling with sharks events, taking curious visitors to the homes of sharks off the La Jolla coast to go for a dip.

2. The Florida Aquarium - Tampa


Tired of seeing sharks from behind the glass? If you have a scuba license, this friendly shark hotspot takes certified visitors on a shark dive at the Florida Aquarium. Per the aquarium, you can “expect warm, clear water, teeming with massive sharks, moray eels, barracuda, a green sea turtle and more!”

3. Field Museum - Chicago


Head to the famous Field Museum for their “Great White Shark 3-D” Film. Learn more about the misunderstood menace of the seas at reefs off the coast of Guadelope Island, New Zealand, and South Africa. Fun fact: this is probably the closest you’ll come to Jaws without being in any real danger, as Great Whites have never been held in captivity for longer than 200 days.

4. Hawaii Shark Encounters - Haleiwa


Head out to sea and learn about native Hawaiian sharks. Divers are equipped with snorkels and lowered in a shark cage just under the ocean’s surface for feedin- er, for fun!

5. Shark Reef Aquarium – Las Vegas


The self-proclaimed Shark Haven has 14 separate exhibits, including a 1.3 million gallon shipwreck tank teeming with aquatic life. With over 15 species of shark to explore, this is one of the more plentiful friendly shark hotspots in the US.

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